Brand Strategy

What Is Brand Equity? (and How to Measure it)

By Flagship / Jan 30, 2018
brand equity words on post it note

Have you ever been forced to make a decision between two different brands that offer a similar product? You chose one brand over the other for good reason, right? That reasoning is the essence of brand equity. Brand equity is the value of a brand from the consumer’s perspective, compared to a brand with a similar product

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7 Signs That You Need a Rebranding Strategy

By Flagship / Dec 18, 2017
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What words come to mind when we mention Apple? Is it innovation and creativity? What about Google? How about this— What about your brand? Does it mean anything? Will it last the next 10 years? the next 20? If you’re unsure about these questions, it might be time for a rebranding strategy. We know rebranding

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Learn To Grow Your Small Business Through Published Content

By Flagship / Nov 23, 2017
branding strategy content marketing

You have a small business. Great! However, you aren’t sure how to get it out into the big wide world. You desire to leave your own digital footprint in your chosen industry. You’ve searched around and seen other businesses in your niche use the same strategy, time and time again. You need to think outside the

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Turn a 1-star Rating review into a brilliant ad

By Flagship / Nov 21, 2017
reputation management

Online reviews are so powerful they can influence your customers even before you interact with them. So, how does one deal with a 1-star rating review? Marketers often ignore such ratings as they highlight only the best reviews. Yet, Snowbird used the 1-star rating review from a client brilliantly in their ad to highlight their

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9 Must-Have Tips For Successful Strategic Brand Management

By Flagship / Nov 16, 2017
strategic brand management

ou know the influence that comes with an effective brand but do you know how to execute that branding? No matter your industry, a strategic brand management strategy is paramount to success. 49% of businesses do not have a branding strategy. Don’t be one of them. Crafting a perception of your brand goes beyond aesthetics. It involves

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Brand Authenticity

By Flagship / Oct 12, 2017
be authentic

Your brand equity should include authenticity, following your brand mission, a clear vision for the future and being transparent in your dealings with consumers. Brand authenticity means staying true to your internal strategy rather than trying to keep up with what your competitors are doing. This might seem narrow minded but keeping your focus internally

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