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8 Essential Data Mining Techniques You Need to Use

By Flagship / Oct 16, 2017
Data Mining Techniques

Using data mining techniques could boost your company’s revenue by 300%. In fact, research has found that 60% of professionals believe that data has generated revenue within their businesses. And 83% say existing products and services have been made more profitable. If you’re not yet using data mining techniques to gain a competitive edge, you’re missing out. While data mining

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Find Your Data Partner

By Flagship / Sep 26, 2017
Human hand shaking a digital hand

Companies understand the value of data in today’s global digital media landscape. Few, however, take the time necessary to really understand where the data they use originate and how best to use it. Contributor at Toby McKenna looks into data transparency, relevancy and scalability to ensure you get the most out of your data

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Are You Mining Your Data?

By Flagship / Jul 31, 2017
data mining

The dynamic digital arena has made valuable data more accessible for companies and easier to analyze than ever. Companies are using the staggering amounts of information to understand their customers and their motivations. This allows them to not only gear their product and service offering specifically towards their market, but also increase their business and

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