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7 Social Media Solutions That Boost Leads

By Flagship / Jan 31, 2018
social media solutions

Want to generate new leads for your business? Perhaps it’s time to shift your thinking into how you can leverage the power of social media in your marketing mix. Why is it important to consider social media as a potential tool for lead generation? Check the stats below. 1. Almost 3 billion people will be on social

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Insurance Lead generation Mistakes You can’t Afford To Make

By Flagship / Jan 22, 2018
lead generation

It’s safe to say, insurance companies are becoming more and more diversified in Australia. Especially in regards to the finance sector. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how many types of insurance your company sells if you continuously make these insurance lead generation mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can cost significant sales. Read on to learn what insurance lead

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How to Generate High Quality Leads

By Flagship / Oct 19, 2017
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Your strategy to generate high-quality leads should focus on producing engaging, appealing content. To create effective content your first step is to define your target market. Once you know who you are talking to, creating content your audience wants to engage with will be easier. Digital content can include creating blogs, producing webinars or eBooks

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7 Awesome Landing Page Video Tips to Increase Your Leads

By Flagship / Jul 27, 2017
landing page

If you aren’t using video landing pages as part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to convert casual internet users into paying customers. Landing pages are successful because they engage a specific audience in a way that your general web page can’t. They are also more likely to

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