Corporate and Company Brand Identity

We specialise in reconstructing corporate businesses and turning them into consumer brands.

Whether they are in startup or expansion phase, our goal is to work with business owners, managers and key decision makers to effectively communicate the history of their business; recognising everything valuable that has led them to where they are today and leveraging this into a brand that makes a statement about the next 25 years.

We believe that branding is about perception and by shaping the perception of your corporate business and ensuring that all the necessary components within your brand structure are established; you will be able to communicate with greater clarity to various markets, audiences, investors and stakeholders.

Our corporate and company branding service works address the following areas:

Brand Positioning Strategy How your Brand needs to be positioned in the market to accommodate your growth and diversification strategy.

Brand Analysis An analysis of your brand structures, naming conventions, and positioning to a variety of consumers identified in our survey research, addressing the core components that should be evidenced to make up a brand.

Brand Communication Ensuring we build a consistent and identifying Style, Flavour and Structure, integrating your brand positioning, brand ethics and brand theme so they are all aligned and clarified.

Brand Culture How we build a strong and unified internal brand culture to ensure anyone associated with the Brand and business understands ‘who’ you are and how to communicate this using the one consistent brand voice. We want to bring out the passion you have for your industry through your brand.

Brand Ethics Definition of your ethics and values in a way that becomes succinct and creates a vibrant brand voice. This does not replace your organisational vision and mission statements. Your brand ethics set the benchmark for all brand communication and marketing collateral moving forward.

Brand Personality This influences, impacts and inspires brand behaviour across the organisation so you build greater brand consistency and a style you become known, recognised and famous for.

Brand Theme A brand theme is used to help a business innovate against a common benchmark. The theme helps your people connect and innovate in a fun positive way.

Technical Identity What you do, how this is structured and controlled, and how people fully understand your breadth, depth and capacity.

Brand Map Establishment of a brand map to identify and capture a one page brand management and control structure. Your brand map will be your primary brand maintenance tool as your brand evolves and grows. The objective of your map is to guide your day to day branding activity and to help guide your brand consistency and recognition in the marketplace. The brand map will allow brand expansion within a controlled brand structure.

Brand Communication Tools From which you will anchor all internal and external brand communication as a system that can be controlled and managed as well as aligned with purpose to different stakeholder groups.

Brand Scripts & Communication Matrix Documentation of the core scripts and brand values with the target message concepts required to communicate brand personality and value to key stakeholders. The Matrix is used as a communication compliance guide when writing or visually communicating both internally and externally.

Brand Governance Ensuring that all intellectual property created throughout this process is assigned and protected within the appropriate company structures.