INSIGHT: In a highly competitive market with countless of niche providers, the current church landscape is one that is significantly saturated in Australia. However, many local churches are reporting diminishing attendance numbers & are struggling to communicate their relevance to the communities they are situated in.

AMBITION:  For our client, we needed to strategically devise communications strategy that would effectively communicate the heart of the client and clearly differentiate them in the market, whilst also innovating on their behalf new brand streams to further leverage their unique value proposition.

ACTION: Conducting a thorough communications audit on all of our clients marketing activities, plus prioritising spending time with our client to understand their vision and motivation, was a critical practice towards us designing solutions that would achieve the desired outcomes for this unique brief.

IMPACT: Our resolved solutions for our client draw on our in-depth understanding of their industry as well as their unique market offerings, which allowed us to shape a brand strategy that has positioned our client in a far less competitive space in minds of its target market. Added to this, we were able to identify and innovate cross-selling opportunities for our client as well as fully executing this strategy across a diverse media mix. This has collectively assisted in contributing to an increase in brand awareness, brand engagement and attendance numbers for this church.​