INSIGHT: The term ‘organic’ gets thrown around a lot. Few people are aware that the so called organic products they purchase are actually not organic at all. This confusion is referred to in the industry as “greenwashing”

AMBITION: Sanctum needed to be elevated above their competitors, not because they needed more sales. They wanted people to know that when you purchase a Sanctum product you are purchasing 100% traceability. From the solar panels on their factory to their biodegradable packaging. Sanctum is completely Organic.

ACTION: Through understanding how competitive and confusing the organic market is we needed to elevate the complex process that Sanctum go through in order to be certified organic. We conducted a lot of market research and spent time down at their Byron Bay based factory to truly understand their process. We learnt that it is not easy being green and this is a company who take the term ‘organic’ very seriously, this was their point of difference that we used to elevate their brand and showcase the difference that is Sanctum.