INSIGHT:  Travers Beynon is the highly successful businessman and entrepreneur behind The Freechoice Franchise stores. Lately, what he has best become known for are his infamous Candy Shop Mansion parties and outlandish alter ego, The Candyman.

AMBITION: Travers approached us to regain control of his public profile through a personal brand.With a large misconception around who Travers was and extensive media publicity which created even more confusion and speculation, we needed to communicate the dichotomy of Travers’ split personality; both Travers Beynon (Entrepreneur) as well as the Candyman (Entertainer). Our challenge was to build a brand that not only allowed the opposing personalities to co-exist, but also championed and leveraged the differences.

ACTION: We developed separate brand ethics for both the Travers Beynon and Candyman personalities which could function independently and simultaneously. These ethics come together to give new meaning to Travers’ initials TLB. Continuing on the theme of Travers being a single identity with two distinct personalities, we set out to create a logo with a double meaning that embodies his two personalities depending on the rotation of it. The TB (Travers Beynon) icon flipped becomes a CM (Candyman).

IMPACT: This dichotomy between party and business runs through the entire Travers Beynon aka The Candyman brand. Effectively communicating both personalities has allowed Travers and the media to have a greater understanding of who he is and what to expect from both personalities.