INSIGHT: The SOHO district of Hong Kong is one of the food capitals of the globe, with an extremely high and multicultural population density that demands the best in food, beverages and hospitality. In this highly competitive industry, launching a venture that delivers anything short of perfection is usually short lived.

AMBITION: For our client, we needed to take all of this into consideration and create a dining experience that highlighted the exclusivity of the venue, as well as communicated the quality and standard a patron can expect before they even step foot inside.

ACTION: This exciting challenge saw our team develop this company’s identity around its shipping container facade to leverage off of the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals. We implemented the use of trigrams on the Korean flag to create both a visual representation of the flag as well as stacked plates. Using this as a starting block we were able to creatively represent the brand in all of the elements within the dining experience as well as a few surprises along the way.

IMPACT: The finished product has not only been a hit within the highly competitive hospitality market of SOHO, it has also been a highlight in the majority of reviews and editorials as elevating the dining experience.