INSIGHT: Officially Australia’s most competitive industry, the property and construction sector is currently saturated with a multitude of service providers specialising in various disciplines, all vying for market share as they attempt to capitalise off selling the Australian Dream.

AMBITION: ¬†After experiencing rapid sales growth and high ROI through utilising our lead generation services, Property Focus once again engaged our services, this time with the need to address the some of the communication challenges they were facing as a ‘house of brands’. Operating as a property investment syndicate with internal service company’s each trading under different names; the existing structure failed to effectively communicate the real value to the customer of partnering with Property Focus from consultation to completion. We identified this a highly promising opportunity to further propel the company towards achieving its audacious goals.

ACTION: Our strategy involved us adapting the Property Focus brand architecture and changing their positioning from a ‘house of brands’ to a ‘branded house’. This change resulted in a group level brand being created with solution brands within it, that could leverage off brand equity of the group brand as well as the individual services. Added to this, we designed a distinctive and uniform visual identity across the group to further increase brand recognition with their varied customers and leverage customer trust from one service to another.

IMPACT: The resolved brand strategy and brand creative has delivered to the client a dynamic brand identity and effectively communicates the tangible value that customers will receive from partnering with Vystal. Post launching the brand, our client has already reported back positive results of an increase in employee retention, dramatic reduction in recruitment expenses and a significant increase of individual customers choosing to partner with all of the Vystal soluton brand services.