Nov 21, 2017

Turn a 1-star Rating review into a brilliant ad

Written by Flagship
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Online reviews are so powerful they can influence your customers even before you interact with them. So, how does one deal with a 1-star rating review? Marketers often ignore such ratings as they highlight only the best reviews.

Yet, Snowbird used the 1-star rating review from a client brilliantly in their ad to highlight their forte. They ran an ad featuring the 1-star review with a stunning picture of their mountain as the backdrop. It is a classic example of turning the negative into positive.

“And speaking of negatives, let’s talk self-deprecation for a second. It’s so hard to do well. Too much or too little of it is a massive turnoff. Somehow, this ad manages to be self-deprecating, humble and thoroughly confident all at once. It’s a remarkable balancing act.”

The Snowbird ad is successful because it gets the basics right. The ad copy stands out for all right reasons such as

  • Simple and clutter-free
  • Embraces the negative
  • Cherishes the adventure-loving client

This ad copy tells us how even a seemingly negative situation can be turned into positive, with a bit of creativity. It is a brilliant example of reputation management.

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