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Hank is the digital platform for older adults who still want to feel young. We’re talking about people who choose to retire in their own homes and still want to explore their passions. So our task was a true joy: to create a new identity for Hank that celebrates their eternally youthful spirit.

Strategic rationale

First up, there’s something we needed to get straight about older people: they’re not all the same. The way we see it, age doesn’t stop anyone from having their individuality celebrated––especially those still journeying towards new experiences. So we twisted a classic trope to capture the mindset of Hank’s people. Meet “Generation You”.

Brand identity

Our design thinking was informed by the concept of the journey. At the core of our work is the “journey line”, which gives Hank a uniquely energetic personality for a brand aimed at older adults.


“We wanted to celebrate the stories of people who were still committed to creating them. Life gets better with experience and we wanted to showcase warmth and humanity in the way we represented people. The ‘Journey Line’ was a perfect addition to this idea, adding a personalized ‘heartbeat’ to each story, that could be playful, energetic and fun.”

Pete Morris, Creative Director


To launch Hank, we then extended Generation You into a campaign that captured the stories of inspiring older people. With this canvas for emotional storytelling, we showed that retirees don’t have to leave where they live to continue truly living.

Project contributors

Strategy – Fady Hanna
Creative Director – Pete Morris
Design Director – James Nielsen
Campaign Creation – Scott Wynn & Elley Norman
Art Direction – Scott Wynn
Motion – Sam Stucky
Production – Elley Norman

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