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Pearpop is revolutionizing how creators collaborate with brands. Today, they have a bunch of big name investors and an incredible roster of influential talent. But when Pearpop first approached us, they needed a new brand strategy to match their potential. So, we got to work on building a brand that popped.

Brand strategy

The big challenge for Pearpop was communicating its value to the creator community. Today, creators don’t need to conform to succeed. In many respects, it’s those creators with an independent spirit and boundless individuality that make it big. With Pearpop, we wanted creators to feel empowered to do things how they do. In other words: Grow Your Own Way.

Brand strategy

We also wanted to position Pearpop as an industry-leading platform for all creators to pear up (sic) with brands. Whether a celebrity or a novice creator, Pearpop champions the power of creativity to unlock opportunities for revenue, collaboration and expression.

Identity design

With this as our guiding principle, we began work on an entirely new identity. Our work needed to be as flexible and captivating as that of our creators. And with Pearpop’s mix of talent––from A-Listers like Madonna, Shawn Mendes and Adriana Lima through to emerging creators––our work also had to strike the balance between elite and aspirational.


“An important position throughout this process was the belief that Pearpop was for everyone, everywhere –– not the select few. If you make content. you’re a creator. If you have followers, you’re a leader. Creators are leaders, with social equity. Pearpop creates opportunities to turn social equity into social capital – without compromising the creator.”

– Pete Morris, Creative Director


Turns out we’re a good pair. Since the launch of our work, Pearpop is now the world’s fastest growing creator community with 250,000+ creators.


–500%+ growth in revenue YoY.
–$7 million paid out to creators by the end of 2021.
–$16 million in funding from investors like The Chainsmokers, Alexis Ohanian, Gary V, Kevin Durant, Mark Cuban, Snoop Dogg, Marshmello, Kevin Hart, The Weeknd and Amy Schumer.
–Fast Company Most Innovative Companies 2022
–Named the “Airbnb of the Creator Economy” by Forbes.


“Pearpop is a highly disruptive brand in the cluttered Creator Economy space, and we needed to cut through the noise of the category in a highly creative and effective way with our brand strategy. We turned to Flagship to make it happen, and they absolutely stepped up to the plate. What they delivered was nothing short of world-class. Simple, strategic, iconic creativity that have set us on a course to being the new standard in the category.”

– Alex Morrison, Pearpop CMO

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