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Vertigo is the listening party everyone’s been waiting for. Vertigo’s app brings together music fans on Spotify and Apple Music to stream in-sync. It’s world-first and super compelling, but Vertigo was getting dizzy trying to explain itself succinctly to a new generation of streamers. So, they asked us to work on a new identity and key messaging. And we said: let’s party.

Identity design

The thing that separates Vertigo from all other music apps is its synchronicity. This idea was core to everything that we built for Vertigo. 

“We utilized the logotype to create rhythmic patterns that should remind you of sound waves in an abstract sense. These always appear in groups to symbolize the idea of listening together.”

Erik Herrström, Designer

Identity design

We also simplified Vertigo’s existing color palette to highlight its bold and vibrant tones. We then paired these noisier colors with punches of black and white to appeal to a younger audience. A geometric Sans-Serif then rounded out the new look with its wave-like structure.

Key messaging

Alongside the new look, we knew that Vertigo needed to sound different. To speak to a younger demographic, we needed to play up the brand’s playfulness. We landed on a text-like provocation that summed up the brand’s energy and key proposition in one. “So, do you wanna sync-up?”

Brand strategy

Vertigo is also a game-changer for artists. Vertigo multiplies the potential number of streams of any song by the number of synced-up listeners. So, we built a robust set of industry-facing collateral that explained exactly why it’s worth getting in a spin about Vertigo.

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