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Generated this July.

At Flagship Digital, lead generation results are not simply an ideal. They're a calculated expectation that we build into our philosophy and all our processes to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

This approach has allowed us to work with some of the largest companies in the world today and has solidified us as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia.

Our Marketing arm delivers strategic, results-driven digital solutions with high ROI. Whether it is developing targeted lead generation campaigns that connect your brand to customers; or demographically targeted email marketing programs, crafting effective SEO packages, or affordable pay per click solutions for businesses of all sizes; all our solutions are carefully considered and applied to have each client achieve their business objectives with their investment in mind.

Currently, as a lead generation company, we generate more than 200,000 qualified leads for our clients every month predominantly on a cost per lead basis. We have an ever expanding list of over 1.3m fresh records in our email marketing database and a reach of over 5m through our affiliates.

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Selected Case Studies


Project Background:

RPM Queensland Pty Ltd is a management consultancy business specialising in home mortgage (debt) reduction and or property investment strategies.

Campaign Objectives:

Flagship Digital was approached to create a more scalable form of marketing and generate high quality leads in their area.


Project Background:

Harcourts is an elite real estate group with almost 800 offices in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia and the United States. The group is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World network.

Campaign Objectives:

Flagship Digital was engaged to generate leads of people looking to buy or sell a house in 6 months.

Australian Red Cross

Project Background:

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is a division of the Australian Red Cross. The group is funded by the federal, state and territory governments of Australia to supply the community with safe, high quality blood and blood products, as well as organ and bone marrow services for transplantation.

Their work is only possible through the donations of voluntary donors.

Campaign Objectives:

Flagship Digital was contracted to increase the volume of regular donors for Australian Red Cross.

“As ViisTek Media aims to provide the highest quality marketing services to our clients, we expect the same approach from our lead generation partners. We’re happy to say that Flagship Digital has sent us positively converting and quality traffic from the beginning. We look forward to growing our relationship and seeing where our continued partnership leads us!”

Kadri SchuttingMedia Operations Manager - ViisTek Media OU

Hello, we are a Brand Creation Agency

We create leading brands that inspire action.

Good design is subjective, results are not. Our unique approach to branding and our graphic design, web design, web development and copywriting services will lead your business into unchartered success.

We don’t believe that you need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ when it comes to creating digital platforms, brands and marketing collateral with lasting appeal and tangible value. We lead our clients through our proven philosophy to simplify your brand message to connect with your clients at a level that inspires action.

For some clients action is a transaction, for others it can be anything from reinforcing credibility to attracting a different calibre customer. By understanding your business objectives and direction we can design creative strategies that engage consumers to pursue these desired actions. This is not just a goal of ours, this is the overarching philosophy of our company and applied to every client project we have had the opportunity to lead.

At Flagship Digital, we lead people.

Our Difference

We deliver value through our strategic thinking and approach to creative design that is reflected in a way that maximises both your mindshare with consumers and marketshare against the competition.

There is no shortage of brand agencies that can deliver well executed brand creative with modern appeals; however the recipe for success lies in the partnership between brand creative and brand strategy.

We set ourselves apart by building your brand on a strong strategic foundation that fuels all our creative decisions and in turn delivers to you a better performing brand that inspires your consumers to action.

Good design is subjective, results are not.