Facebook Campaign Management

Professionally managed Facebook advertising campaigns for your business, brand, page or website.

Flagship Digital offers Facebook campaign management to businesses that depend on social media for marketing, customer interaction and other functions.

Facebook has become a viable marketing platform, even good enough for standalone advertising. We can manage your campaign – tracking how each post is performing and liaising with Facebook on your behalf, giving you more time to spend running your business.

There are many things that make Facebook unique from your traditional search engine, foremost of which is, it is multi-purpose. Google does one thing and it lets you put your business in search results pages. In social media, however, search is just one part. Your being active is an asset, and something everyone can see. The frequency of your posts, their content’s relevance and your propensity to respond to messages all contributes to your popularity and reliability.

With us on board, you do not have to worry about your business’ Facebook page losing its touch. We will ensure that it remains a cog in your marketing policy or that you are getting enough traffic from the site to maintain it.

The More Technical Side

Automation is a big part of Facebook management and if done right, it will make marketing on Facebook easier and can set a limit to its budget. Along with it comes a host of technical tools that can make your Facebook page better, if you know how to use them. Bring us along and you need not worry about learning how they work. You probably have enough on your plate running your business and have no time to learn these tools.

We will also provide performance reports periodically to show you how your Facebook presence is doing, which our team utilise to base all future strategic actions so we can address the real-time issues in your campaign.

It takes more than memes to penetrate the market of 1.4 billion people on Facebook. With measured tactics, active presence, lean budget, you will be glad to partner with Flagship Digital as your social media marketing experts.

Our Commitment

We give our best to every client, regardless of whether they need assistance running their Facebook page or direct marketing such as SEO and PPC. Your website has reach, but it has to have the power to influence and turn visitors into active engagers. Flagship Digital is the marketing company to help you achieve that higher level of success.