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Prolego is a pioneering team that helps companies navigate the complexities of AI. But Prolego isn’t for those who want a Sunday stroll through the AI landscape. Their business is about journeying into the depth of AI’s abundant possibilities. 

Identity design

When Prolego approached us, things were going well. With their intrepid spirit, they became a trusted consultant to Fortune 1000s, transforming their business operations and internal culture with AI. But there was one big roadblock to the top of the mountain: Prolego’s identity didn’t stand out from the AI clichés of “Minority Report-style blue graphs on glass panel” stock imagery.

Identity design

Our task was to bring them a differentiated look that humanized their perspective and approach to AI. So how did we do it? By taking the brand out of the server room and into the realms of adventure. We wanted to celebrate everything about Prolego’s pioneering ethos. From the logo through to social, we created an unconventional identity that invites you to explore alongside them.

Brand messaging

Like any good adventurer, Prolego also needed a mantra to orient its travels. The way we saw it, Prolego is like a trusted guide to businesses as they head into uncharted territory. In other words: “Towards tomorrow together.”

Identity design

“The new identity is all about direction and alignment. We wanted to show how Prolego is a beacon, wayfinder and sherpa, all in one. We leaned on visual cues that aligned to this concept; from subtle highlights around the ‘GO’ in their name, to being more overt with the use of directional elements throughout. The simplicity worked great as an identity and created a limitless landscape of shapes, icons and symbols to build the broader brand system. For a business that focuses on such complex technologies, a simple, creative, and intuitive brand made a lot of sense”

Pete Morris, Creative Director

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