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STAIT is a line of all-natural, clinically-formulated supplements that blends nature with science. To create STAIT, we had a two-pronged challenge. First of all, we needed to combine two existing brands––one aimed at men, the other at women––into a single brand. Secondly, STAIT needed to cut through in a market noisier than gyms just before beach season.

Our audience

We started by rethinking and repositioning the company to align with its founders’ bold aspirations and then with what the market actually wanted. To do that, we had to play client- and market-whisperer.


“Through our research, we uncovered a group of people that hoped for something different from their supplements. They were done with the highs and lows. They wanted consistency and a state of continuous improvement. And with that, STAIT was born to elevate your everyday.”

— Fady Hanna, Brand Strategist

Identity design

Our design work also needed to elevate the brand’s proposition. And like the products themselves, it all started with nature.


“By creating a strong visual link to nature, the STAIT brand can leverage and connect the powerful characteristics of nature to the value of our product. We wanted to give people the feeling that STAIT was propelling you towards something remarkable, powerful and natural – the connection was a perfect fit.”

– Pete Morris, Creative Director

Brand messaging

This same uplifting energy needed to come through in how STAIT expressed itself in communications. We landed on a tagline that brought together both our strategy and design concepts: “Created by Nature. Elevated by Science”.

Brand messaging

To sharpen STAIT’s proposition even more, we wrote a range of product messages aimed at three distinct customer personas uncovered in the research. This made it easier for us to elevate STAIT’s unique benefits and entice those precious ‘add to cart’ clicks.


“Once we landed on a tagline and proposition, it was then about finding the right ways to speak to each persona. For example: the needs of a 65-year-old trying to recapture their youth are very different from a 25-year-old who thinks they’ll never age. So we built a framework that clearly explained to each persona what STAIT does for them.”

— James Aviaz, Copywriter

Brand messaging

Another thing that stood out in research was the importance of all-natural ingredients. But rather than just slapping “organic” all over STAIT, we took time to introduce and explain in simple terms what each ingredient does. Because with a product this good, everything’s worth elevating.


“Bringing our existing brands together was a big ask and Flagship rose to the occasion. Their ability to identify the three audience segments by using psychographic data really helped us better understand our opportunity. And we love where our new identity landed. It’s most definitely an elevation.”

— Shaun Sargent, STAIT Co-founder

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